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Tel. 780.665.8119
Fax. 780.414.6421

The airport location is in Parkland County, Alberta,
West of Edmonton on Range Road 270 (Sandhills Road),
about 1.5 miles North of Highway 627 (Garden Valley Road).

GPS  53.473642 -113.834839

Mandatory Frequency 122.7 MHz, radius 4 NM.
Check CFS Edmonton/Parkland for procedures.

Elevation 2321. Circuit height is 3300 ASL.

Class E airspace starts at 3400 ASL, use 122.7,
between South: Garden Valley Rd (Hwy 627), East: Hwy 60,
North: Hwy 628, West: Golden Spike Rd (RR 273)

Class C airspace starts at 4100 ASL, contact TML 127.4

Before entering Class C airspace, obtain transponder code
(call 1-888-358-7526) and ATC clearance.

Runway is 26-08 paved approx. 5217' with a displaced threshold on both runway 08 and 26.
Right Hand circuit pattern on runway 26.

Runway TORA/ASDA is now 5217', LDA on RW 08 is 4675', LDA on RW 26 is 4183'.
Updates to the CFS are in progress. ARCAL night lighting and beacon are available.

100 LL Avgas and Jet-A1 available on self-serve fuel terminal.

Please contact us for questions, concerns, updates and instructions.

Parkland Airport Development Corp.
10336 - 107 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 1K2

Parkland Airport - Health and Safety Policy